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Our History

It was August of 1979, Dr. Wm Mike McBroom had completed his residency at Memorial Family Practice in Houston Texas.  He was headed to Austin to set up a Clinic.

In June 1978, Dr. James Makinson, a well-known Physician in the La Grange community had passed away and this became the detour to La Grange Texas for Dr. McBroom.

Dr. McBroom along with Dr. Bert Garrett set up clinic at the Pearl Street Clinic that was originally owned by Dr. Makinson until 1985 when Dr. McBroom branched over to Guadalupe Street and joined Dr. Royce Keilers – the clinic became McBroom/Keilers Clinic.

In the 80’s the physicians took care of all medical needs.  They were your pediatricians, obstetricians, surgeons, orthopedics, dermatologists, cardiologists, pulmonologists, etc.!  This was in addition to making all hospital rounds.  They treated their patients in the ER during rotation, they delivered babies and stitched you up when needed and they could set your broken leg and many minor surgeries in the clinic.

When the 90’s arrived, a necessity for Rural Health Clinics were in demand.  On March 17th 1995, Fayette Memorial Hospital purchased the practice and it became LaGrange Rural Health Clinic.

In 1996, Dr. McBroom began treating patients in Giddings Texas one day a week.  Dr. Dov Levine joined the practice in Giddings from 1998-2007. 

As the Rural Health Clinic grew, physicians Dr. Bert Garrett, Dr. Patrick Clemons, Dr. Kenneth Baker as well as a few others were added to take care of patient medical needs. 

Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants became more common in the clinics during this time.

When the 2000’s came many changes in the insurance and medical world.  Out with the Rural Health Clinic and in with Managed Health Care.  Now you’re CT Scans, MRI and medications had to be authorized by insurance. 

When the La Grange Rural Health Clinic dissolved, the clinic name was officially changed to La Grange Family Health Center.

During this period Electronic Medical Records were necessary for day to day clinic work flow.  We saw a lot of revolving Physicians, many retired or moved into other avenues.

The staff of the LaGrange/Giddings/Flatonia Clinics have seen many changes throughout the years, but the constant dedication of our providers and staff have weathered most storms with grace and integrity.
The dedication of the Providers are endless.  Our Physicians are the only Providers in the area that treat patients in the Clinics, in the Nursing Homes, in the Hospital as well as rotating clinic and hospital on call services.
Dr. Wm Mike McBroom, M.D. 1979, Owner
Dr. Thomas O. Borgstedte, D.O. joined the practice in 2004 and became one of the owners in 2005.
Dr. Wess J. Blackwell, M.D. joined the practice in 2007 and became one of the owners in 2008.
2007 Dawn Blackwell, CFO
2013 Amanda Rosenauer, FNP-C 
2013 Wildon Rouse, PA-C  
2021 Amy Gutierrez-Cerelli, M.D.
2023 Hanna Pilat, PA-C
2023 Hans "Jimmi" Raj, M.D.

Many changes have evolved throughout the years.  We have grown to three clinics, La Grange 1995, Giddings in 2006 and Flatonia in 2018. 

We are very excited to offer quality healthcare to our communities. 
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